Dan Test Application Guidelines

COMPLETED applications must be received by the Regional Director:

Master Efrain Valentin
82 Camp Street
Meriden, CT 06450

by December 1st for the Spring test and June 1st for the Fall test.
Unless otherwise indicated Dan tests are regularly scheduled for the first Saturday of the month in February and August of each year and start promptly at 9:00 AM.
Applications not received by these deadlines may be returned.

The minimum requirements to be eligible to test in any given testing cycle include:

  • Cho Dan Bos must attend at least 1 (one) Black Belt Camp (or equivalent) before testing for Cho Dan.
  • Cho Dans must attend at least 2 (two) Black Belt Camps (or equivalent) as Cho Dan before testing for E Dan.
  • E Dans must attend at least 3 (three) Black Belt Camps (or equivalent) as E Dan before testing for Sam Dan.

See the regional director to discuss what are equivalent events.

A completed application must include:

  • A completed Region 9 Black Belt Test checklist    attached to the front of a 9x12 inch manilla envelope. Please put all other elements of your application inside this envelope.

  • A Valid Gup (Cho Dan Bos) or Dan (Cho Dans and E Dans) membership card.
  • A completed WTSDA Application for Dan Promotion    testing form.
  • Completed Region 9 Resume form    . Attendance at annual regional Dan Clinics is required for promotion. Attendance at other sanctioned events such as regional Championships, gup clinics, black belt tests, and scholarship fund raisers is also required and should also be listed on your resume. Non-sanctioned events need not be included.
  • 4 passport style photographs to measure 2 x 2
  • Essay: Cho Dan Bos 1000 words minimum; Cho Dans 2000 words minimum; E Dans 3000 words minimum.
  • Dan test fees have been increased $40. If a student would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the building fund by purchasing a brick for $40, their test fee will be reduced by that $40. To qualify for this reduced test fee, a check in the amount of $40 made payable to the World Tang Soo Do Foundation along with a properly completed brick donation form must be included with their test fee payment. Check with your chief instructor how he wishes checks made out and the total fee due.
  • Click here to fill out and print the WTSDF "Brick" donation form   
  • Cho Dan Bos testing for Cho Dan must complete a WTSDA Dan Membership Application    . (The WTSDA Membership Application for Gup/Dan can be obtained from your chief instructor. Be sure to check the box indicating DAN membership.)
  • In keeping with the philosophy of the World Tang Soo Do Foundation, students are encouraged to submit a completed Community Service form    with your application documenting any community service performed since your last test.
  • Sam Dan candidates MUST be certified as a corner or regional center judge as a requirement before testing for Sam Dan.